Sigfox Micro Standby Asset Tracker

1. Sigfox tracking device supporting GNSS positioning 2. Over 4-year standby time 3. Micro size allowing covert installation 4. Resistant to existing jamming techniques 5. IP67 waterproof case (optional) 6. Ideal for asset monitoring and stolen vehicle recovery

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The GL52S is Queclink’s first Sigfox integrated product, targeting stolen vehicle recovery, inventory control, stationary asset monitoring and other tracking management applications that require both a small size and a battery life of over 4 years. The GL52S is an excellent example of Queclink’s commitment to invest in emerging new technologies. LPWA solutions, such as Sigfox, provide a very low power alternative when engaged in battery powered applications. According to Sigfox operators, the product is resistant to existing jamming techniques and network costs are substantially lower in low data usage applications. Certificates Sigfox Ready (RC1, RC2, RC4, RC7), CE

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Modèle GL52S
Fabricant Queclink
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