LTE Advanced Vehicle Tracker

1. Global LTE Cat M1/NB1 with 2G fallback using unique antenna solution 2. LTE version of the GV300 series which is widely deployed in the global market 3. Built-in CAN 2.0A/B, SAE J1939 4. Multiple I/Os support diverse accessories, including driver ID readers as well as temperature and fuel sensors 5. Ideal for fleet management, cold chain logistics and transportation monitoring

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The GV350MG improves on the GV300 based on customer feedback and adds LTE capability to our successful GV300 2G product. The GV350MG’s CAN interface can be customized to suit specific protocols required by customers. This interface customization has been utilized in tractor integration and other unique situations with specific CAN requirements. Heavy trucks supporting J1939 FMS can be integrated with GV350MG and its multiple accessories such as dual fuel sensors, Garmin FMI products, cameras and Queclink’s I/O extenders. Certificates FCC, Verizon, CE, E-Mark, Anatel, UKCA Related Products GV300 GV300W

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Modèle GV350MG
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